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Spring 2021 is here! 

Welcome to Douglas Downs Homeowners Hub, my name is Nabil, and I am a proud homeowner in our great subdivision,  and I am the 5th member on the board.

Douglas Downs has been our home for the past 16 years, and we love it here. My vision for the site is to give everyone in the subdivision a chance to share their thoughts and build bridges between our neighbors. Currently, the site doesn't have a ton to offer, but more to come in the next few months. 
More to come in the near future! 

PLEASE NOTE: this is an Ismail Family contribution to the subdivision that we love and fully paid and developed by us. The Community Hub is our channel as homeowners to share positive, respectful, and constructive feedback. 

2021 Official Update

▶▶ Board recently approved the 2021 Community Budget and there was no increases in HOA fees.

▶▶ Board hired a new landscaping company for maintenance and care of our community after previous landscaper was not able to meet the standards inspite of multiple efforts.

▶▶ If you are planning exterior modifications, don't forget to send request for approval to our Community Manager.

▶▶ For your lawn, pre-emergent is a great way to stops the weeds before spring. Refreshing pine straw and mulch is a great way to improve curb appeal

▶▶ 2021 Assessment were sent and are due March 1

Contact Information

Community Manager Jennifer Svensson can be reached at (678) 297-9566

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